Approach to Testing Wearables (IoT)

//Approach to Testing Wearables (IoT)

Approach to Testing Wearables (IoT)

The wearables market is blowing up and is poised to have an expansive app ecosystem of it’s own. Testing wearables is the new challenge as the technology rapidly evolves as the next big thing.

What are wearables?

Wearables (part of IoT) are in essence devices which can be worn, which possess a suite of sensors and the required computational power to handle the data and carry out tasks.

Wearables come in many shapes and forms,from small earbuds that track your sleep to smart skin patches that monitor your sweat and activity levels. They can serve many needs with their wide range of functionality. The potential use for applications is nearly unlimited which makes it the next big gold mine in the IT rush.

Some of the popular known wearables are smart watches,fitness monitors and GPS tracking devices. They help augment and analyse your daily life providing valuable information which assist in making decisions on how to improve yourself. Be it through analysing your workout routine and getting recommendations or encouraging you to be more active if the devices detects periods of lethargy and inactivity.


Testing wearables

Being a practicing tester, We should be ready to take up any challenges. We should have better knowledge about wearables and how to approach testing it based on the context. So, we (Pradeep Lingan and Himansha Tyagi) loved the challenge and took it up for testing . We framed our approach to test apps in this device. We always go with designing a Model that help us to cover our test under various aspect.

Here is the model which was created to test wearable app on Moto 360 device.

Enlarge Image:

We are working on various Internet of Things (IoT) devices and will be sharing our test approaches soon. Please feel to share your feedback .We would love to know more about your approaches. Let’s learn, share our knowledge and contribute to our community.  

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  1. Anwar October 4, 2016 at 7:52 am - Reply

    I am not into testing, but your article has provided me insights into wearables and challenges related to testing them.

  2. Nitish Bharadwaj R October 5, 2016 at 6:48 am - Reply

    Very nicely researched on wearables.

    If this is on Moto 360,

    1. Watch face customisation through Mobiles and Watches are missing and if it comes under UI Elements guess you can add it.

    2. Test for sensors are missing.

    Will give more feedback on this after researching on my Moto 360. BTW this blog will help me a lot to do more research on my New MOTO 360 2nd gen.

  3. Dimpy Adhikary October 13, 2016 at 10:04 am - Reply

    Nice article describing the test ideas for wearable devices. The main challenge here is to test the moving part and feeding different test data into the AUT. For example, if you are testing a fitness monitor how to test the analysis of fitness report generated based on real fitness routines without performing the actual fitness routine. You may need to simulate the actions here. Same applicable for GPS tracker like simulating the movements from test harness and validating the device under various conditions.

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