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Pradeep Soundararajan
Managing Director, See He O,
Kung Fu Panda

Pradeep at Mobile Sparks

Head, Marketing

Ramit Manohar
Vice President

Anil Malgikar

Mohan Ram


Julian Harty, Advisor, has been a long-term leader in effective testing of mobile apps and finding ways to improve the qualities of the apps and how they’re created and maintained. He authors and co-authors various books and guides on related topics including the Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy and The Mobile Analytics Playbook published by HP Enterprises. He also contributes to testing and test automation for mobile apps and is a Ph. D. student in Mobile Analytics.

Board of Directors

Sriram Tadimalla is a Chartered Accountant in practice for over 4 decades and is the Senior Partner of T. Sriram, Mehta & Tadimalla. He is on the board of a few companies and advises several others from across the world. He served as the National President of Institute of Internal Auditors of India.

Pradeep Soundararajan is the Founder of Moolya and Appachhi Technologies. Pradeep has a vision and a great team to be a part of the vision. He just needs time. Thank you.