Sponsoring a child’s education for an year for every new customer we add

This is not a publicity stunt. We should have kept it with ourselves but we also see a reason why we should publicly announce it.

Moolya is going to sponsor a child’s education for an year for every new customer we add. Education means a lot to us. We are who we are and we will be who we will be because of our education. My parents could afford education although they had to make a few sacrifices. I am sure every other middle class parent made it. If there is nothing to sacrifice to educate a child, they are really poor. We want to help such people educate their child.

Today, 2nd November, 2011, we added our 6th customer, our 2nd multi billion dollar customer for whom we are going to be testing a portal that caters to millions of users every month. We hope to do some real good work for them and help them maintain their status us a leader and help them make progress in what they want to.

It is an emotional moment in our office that we are getting good work and in turn doing some good to the society. We shall keep you updated about what’s brewing with us. Hey, we haven’t completed one year yet. So, for a start we have done reasonably well and this could not have happened without the blessings of our parents, our gurus and our fellow testers worldwide.

Lets talk more about the child’s education thing. We sponsored a 4th grade student Deepa from Bangalore whose mother is a house hold servant. Deepa’s father left his family and absconded a couple of years ago. Deepa is now studying 4th grade supported by Vidyanikethan and we sponsored her. There are about 48 more children who do not have sponsorship from Vidyanikethan, so if you could help them it would be great. There must be about 4800000 more in India and 4800000000000 more in the world. No matter where you are, please give back to the world that chose you to be lucky as a kid and other kids to not be as lucky as you are.

We wish to grow big, huge, magnificent or whatever word that suit to this context to help more children be educated. Just because we are in India, it wouldn’t mean that we will choose to sponsor children education in India. We hope for our subsequent customers, we will choose countries in Africa or any other place or location you could help us know where the need is .

We saw TED videos of an African teenager William Kamkwamba who created a windmill, made it work and generated electricity and  Patrick Awuah found a university in Ghana after working for a while with Microsoft in USA and talk about how educated needs to act. Those were inspiring ones and we need more such people for the world. Be it from India, USA or Africa.

We hope to make the journey of Moolya useful to more people than just our customers, our employees and the vendors to whom we give business. We thank all our customers, employees, mentors, gurus, parents, friends and well-wishers for enabling us to do what we are doing.

The lesson we learn is, we don’t need to be Bill Gates or Azim Premji to do this. All we need is enough education to care about others education.

Thank you!


About the Author:

Pradeep is the Chief Servant to Employees and Customers besides being Founder Managing Director of Moolya.He is also known as the Kung Fu Panda of Software Testing. Never before has a Panda been so feared and so loved. Experience the Skadoosh!

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